Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory Support

Fuel certification and compliance with environmental regulations is a crucial business aspect for fuel developers, producers, and suppliers. The Life Cycle Associates team of experts can help you get certified and comply with the following regulations:

  • EPA Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2)
  • California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)
  • European Renewable Energy Directive
  • Air permitting to meet local, state, and EPA air
    quality regulations

Fuel Certification

On the fuel certification side, we calculate fuel pathway
carbon intensities (CIs) and document these applications
to regulatory agencies on our customer’s behalf. Besides,
we represent customers in discussions with regulatory
agencies and develop fuel pathway strategies to minimize
pathway carbon intensities.


On the compliance side, we help customers determine
record keeping requirements to ensure compliance with
regulations and develop procedures for data collection.
Our team also assists with reporting and facilitates off-take