Projected Alternative Fuel Demand

Alternative Fuel Readiness Planning

Life Cycle Associates supports governments and fleet managers, both private and public, in planning for the increased use of alternative fuels. California expects 15% of new car sales to be Zero Emission Vehicles by the year 2025. Governments will benefit from infrastructure planning, policy development, staff trainings, and public outreach.

We can support you in developing:

  • New policies to encourage the use of alternative fuels
  • Streamlined permitting guidelines
  • Alternative fuel station siting maps
  • Training and outreach materials

For fleets looking to convert to alternative fuels, we can:

  • Assess available alternative fuel vehicle options
  • Analyze trade-offs between different vehicles to identify the best solution for your fleet

We are familiar with all the existing incentives that can help to bring down the cost of alternative fuel vehicles and their supporting infrastructure, including rebates, tax credits, and carbon credit sales, and can help to you access these resources. If you need help with Alternative Fuel Readiness Planning or want to get more information, please contact us!