Algae Experience

Life Cycle Associates is a world leader in the analysis of algal biofuel systems and has extensive expertise in oil extraction technologies. Our process models integrate CO2 capture, nutrient requirements, algae oil harvest and extraction, and biofuel production and provide the basis for economic and life cycle analysis. The models track the mass and energy balance for various algal biofuel configurations.  Water movement, CO2 and other nutrient input, electrical, and thermal requirements, and the production of co-products are all calculated with an integrated model.  Inputs include algal productivity, water evaporation, oil content in biomass, thermal and power requirements for algae harvest and oil extraction, and many other parameters.

Our clients include the world’s leading algal biofuel producers. Our process modeling and life cycle analysis tools are part of our work for the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology (SD CAB),  The Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), Phycal, BioProcess Algae, and many other algae developers.  EPA evaluated Life Cycle Associate’s work for Sapphire Energy in its decision to rate biodiesel and renewable diesel from algae oil as an advanced biofuel under the RFS2.

Algae Process Model