Sustainability Reporting

Sustainable Resource Management

Life Cycle Associates, LLC examines a wide range of environmental indicators to assess the environmental sustainability of products. Our life cycle assessment database tool tracks energy inputs, GHG emissions, criteria pollutants, toxic air contaminants, water use, water discharges, land conversion, and potential biodiversity impacts on a life cycle basis. We have determined sustainability impacts for a diverse set of materials including petroleum fuels, biofuels, plastics, photovoltaic systems, and food products. Our sustainability tools can be integrated with supply chain IT systems to generate repeatable and well documented sustainability reports.

Sustainability Validation ProcessSustainability Compliance

Assessing the sustainability of the supply chain is an essential component in the development of environmentally friendly products. Life Cycle Associates helps evaluate the sustainability of your supply chain by developing sustainability criteria, data collection systems, pre-audit analyses, and calculation tools. Our analysis has been used by clients in support of grant applications to government and sustainable consumer product alliances. The image to the right outlines the steps that have to be completed during the sustainability validation process.