Life Cycle Associates provides a wide array of business and environmental consulting services, including:

Our services help clients win multi-million dollar grants, generate RINs on millions of gallons of biofuel, and enhance their corporate image. To best serve our customers, we tailor our services to each client individually. The scope of our services therefore varies from project to project. To discuss your specific needs and determine how we can help you, contact us.

We help customers from a wide area of fields:

AFD* (Feedstock) AFD* (Fuels) Government Others
Algae Butanol State and Local Environmental Groups
Biomass Ethanol Federal Energy Companies
Canola Electricity International Investors
Coal Hydrogen Trade Groups
Corn Methanol
MSW FT Diesel
Natural Gas Biodiesel
Palm Oil Synthetic Diesel / Jet
Solar Synthetic Gasoline
Soy Oil
*AFD = Alternative Fuel Developer

Our work has contributed to the field of fuel life cycle analysis in many ways over the years.  We modified the CA GREET model and supported the development of the initial pathway documents used for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).  We have supported the fuel pathways for over twenty fuel developers under the LCFS, EPA RFS2, and EU Renewable Directive.

We also work with clients in developing strategies for government grants.  We have worked with clients who have won over $70 million in funding from the Department of Energy and other agencies for the development of advanced biofuels. Our work has included life cycle analysis, GHG strategy, process analysis, and proposal preparation.