Life Cycle Associates analyzes the energy and environmental impacts of fuels and energy systems. We work with clients around the world to further the reduction of harmful emissions and negative impacts on the environment and climate.

Our qualifications are based on over 60 years cumulative experience in alternative fuels, fuel production processes, delivery logistics, fuel certification and environmental impacts. We have worked with a broad range of fuels and processes, and have extensive expertise in model development. A significant portion of our work in biofuels and other alternative fuels concerns the evaluation of new fuel production technologies, their energy balance, and economics. Our work focuses on the assessment of fuel production pathways on a well to wheel basis, economic analysis of energy systems, process engineering analysis of fuel production systems, and the development of GHG reduction strategies.

Life Cycle Associates has completed numerous life cycle analysis studies, including those to establish fuel pathway carbon intensities (CI) for the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). We developed software tools and methods that allow these assessments to be completed quickly and accurately. These tools include a system to analyze complex pathways from a variety of feedstocks; therefore, supporting multiple production pathways.

We have developed many of the inputs to well to wheel assessments that directly provide needed support to the California LCFS and analogous regulations. We conduct research in the area of biofuel production and the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impacts of biofuel production. Our experience with well to wheel studies includes extensive use of the GTAP, GREET and LEM models and analyses based on their model components.