Draft CA-GREET2.0 Model Posted for Public Feedback

ARB staff posted the revised version of CA_GREET 2.0. The new version 220 replaces version 180, which was released earlier this year. Version 220 is available for download here.

Feedback on this draft model will be accepted between December 2nd and December 15th.

Some highlights from the corn ethanol pathway in CA_GREET 2.0 are:

  • ARB updated the displacement ratios for DGS co-products. Ratios are now in line with the current Argonne GREET model.
  • Corn biomass field to refinery transportation emissions reduced from 8.9 g CO2e/MJ (GR180) to 2.0 g CO2e/MJ (GR220) for the default pathway. This affects the displacement credit for corn, reducing the overall DGS co-product credits.

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